Blood Donation Programme

IMG_5510UNICEF’s surveys found that an average of 1,600 maternal deaths per 10,000 live births; this is a “figure that suggests Afghanistan may well be the worst place in the world for woman to become pregnant”. An estimated 515,000 women still die each year as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. That is an average of 143 women per day. The surveys and subsequent reports further suggests that “most maternal deaths were preventable”. Many of these deaths are due to lack of resources and blood loss. Much of this and other losses due to blood loss can be avoided.



As such with the help of the community, HRM and its partner organisation launched a Blood Donation Programme.  We set up a system where we keep a record of blood donors. We screened their blood for potential diseases and once their screening has been completed and their blood group figured out we put them in our database, including their address and phone numbers. We then advertised our Blood Donation Line number in the community and encouraged people to contact us if they require any blood. The programme has been massive success. We are always looking for ways to encourage people to join us and become blood donors. Much like everything else blood donation camps cost money and this is where you come in. With your help we can set up these mini data bases across Afghanistan and save lives.