Sirens Save Lives

Sirens Save Lives 

King’s College London Afghan Welfare Society in collaboration with Human Relief Mission presented ‘Sirens Save Lives’ with Asoomii Jay (Humanitarian activists coming all the way from Canada) and TV presenter Rahim Jung and the story of the boy who walked to England.

This fundraiser event focused on the humanitarian efforts made to improve the health infrastructure in developing countries, especially in Afghanistan. It also featured some personal accounts from our speakers and a detailed account was given by the CEO of Human Relief Mission to our guests about how the FIRST of it’s kind Free Emergency Ambulance Service in the history of Afghanistan came to existence.

Afghanistan is a country which has seen destruction upon destruction over the last 30 years. It has been rocked by bombs and explosions; with thousands of men, women and children who have perished. Poverty has eaten those who survived, forcing many to risk their lives and migrate to other countries. The unlucky, poor and weak are left behind and when explosions happen, when children are dying and women are burning, they are left helpless.

The students from King’s College London and and the KCL Afghan Welfare Society made history on the 4th February 2016 by fundraising over £20,000 in pledges.

We would like to Thank all the volunteers and particularly the Nisar Sherzad, the President of Afghan Welfare Society for his support.