Other Projects

Other Projects

Relief Work

Every single penny  donated goes to benefit those in need. The charity and support is given to the right people, at the right time, every time.

HRM conducts projects alone and with partner organisation in the local communities in Afghanistan. HRM partners are chosen on strict criteria with both Red Cross and Red Crescent’s recommendation and their work is carefully monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.



HRM has successfully set up a much-needed blood donation programme in Afghanistan, but also runs health awareness programmes and courses in the UK by medical students from top London universities. These serve to educate our local communities and provide benefit here in the UK





The Afghan community in Britain has been held back from entering higher education by stigma, lack of information and low aspirations. However, HRM has been involved with organising Access to Professions courses at UK universities and has delivered courses to many students who are aspiring to enter higher education. Many of our attendees have successfully gained places at leading universities in the UK, and HRM hopes to continue to inspire students of Afghan origin to achieve higher.

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